Different sports target different muscle groups, we all know that. This means that, for example, a long-distance runner mainly trains the thighs and calves, whereas someone who does HIT exercises strengthens the trunk muscles and overall body tension. Depending on what training an athlete undergoes and what muscles are needed to complete the training, having the right clothes and equipment can support you during your training and make your workout more efficient. Following this line of thought, our partner Nike has launched two pairs of Zonal Strength Tights: one pair for running, and the other for working out at the gym. The strategically-placed compression zones integrated into the leggings reduce muscle vibrations and improve blood circulation, thus making the training more efficient without restricting your range of movement.

Helen Boucher, Vice President of Nike Women’s Training Apparel Product explains: "Efficiency is always a key factor for our athletes — they want to get the most out of every workout. Tights are a huge part of any athlete's uniform and we analyzed every design and fit detail to ensure key parts of the body are compressed for the right sport.”Sp17_NW_Tights_WT_Look3_Nafi_01_square_1600

For the gym:

The Nike Zonal Strength Training Tights have a high-rise waist that reaches up above the tummy muscles. This provides extra support to the trunk, be it during yoga practice or CrossFit exercises. The muscle support offered by the training pants is mainly concentrated around the body core, the buttocks, the thighs and the knees. Flatlock seams prevent skin irritation and any other distracting discomfort.

For running:

The Nike Zonal Strength Running Tights support above all the thighs and calf muscles, which are the most used by runners. The four-way stretch material allows for maximal freedom of movement, especially around the hips and knees, while the Flyvent waistband provides breathability. The reduced muscle vibrations ensure you are not distracted while you run and you can concentrate fully on your performance.Sp17_NW_Tights_RN_Look29_Calu_02_square_1600