Until the end of the year we had Nike running clothes for the cold season in the Keller Sports Store in Munich - they are now all available online. Those who want to continue exercising outdoors when the temperatures drop and who don’t feel put off by the rain and the snow should ensure they are optimally equipped for the weather. Apart from suitable footwear like waterproof Nike Shield shoes, which you can find in our online shop, clothing is also very important. In this post we’d like to present some garments that we currently have on offer for winter.


The Dri-Fit Knit Longsleeve top is made from fast-drying material and knitted mesh that ensures a comfortable skin temperature and optimal air circulation. Thumb holes at the cuffs, a seamless construction and a close fit all provide a high level of comfort and put the finishing touches on this brilliant long-sleeved top.


Like the Nike Element Sphere, the Dry Element Longsleeve top has a half zip and is particularly recommended for cold temperatures. The material warms the body and draws perspiration away from the skin. Thanks to the integrated thumb holes, body heat will not escape as easily. Should you ever feel too warm, though, you can simply undo the zip to allow excess heat to escape. Both mentioned tops also have reflective elements that make you more visible in low light conditions.


Depending on the weather, you can decide to wear either the Aeroloft Flash running vest or the Hypershield running jacket, both of which are a great second layer to wear over a running top. These two garment have large reflective elements that provide really good visibility in the dark. The vest warms the upper body with its goose down lining, but it is nice and light, too. The vest is also waterproof and offers zipped pockets, as well as an inner pocket to store a media player.


The running jacket is recommended for when the rain gets heavier, as it is waterproof and has taped zips and a hood to protect you against the rain. For women we even offer an incredibly flattering Hypershield Flash jacket. It has reflective elements on the sleeves, shoulders and hood.


Last but not least: time to get some matching running pants. For men we have the Power Flash running pants and the Power Speed running pants in our range; for women we have the Power Flash Epic and Power Flash Speed running pants. All of these running pants are equipped with reflective details, and their stretch material offers a high level of comfort and freedom to move.


If despite having all this functional clothing for the dark, rainy season you still don’t feel motivated to exercise outdoors, check out our posts on defeating the elements: cold, rain and snow. In the posts we give you some useful tips on how to train in different weather conditions.

We look forward to welcoming you to our online Keller Sports shop. Find the hole collection here.