It’s that time of year again: the days are getting shorter and the nights are drawing in. The summer warmth is slowly giving way to the autumn weather. Falling temperatures, clouds, wind and rain have all become part of everyday life. With this weather, it’s hard to find the motivation to go for a run. If you succeed though, you’ll be rewarded with renewed positivity, improved fitness levels and a stronger immune system.

But how exactly do you find the motivation to go running in autumn? What should you watch out for when you go running in the cold and the rain? What’s the best way to keep fit, and what should you look for when choosing running shoes and running clothes for autumn and winter?

We’re going to share some tips for the cold season and let you in on the secret of how you can learn to love a run in the rain. 181025_Nike_UtilityPack_Guide_02

Motivation for an autumn run

In autumn, the sun rises later and sets earlier, and the weather is generally pretty bad, so most people struggle to go running before or after work. We’re not usually motivated enough to go running in bad weather or in the dark.

Positive thoughts, like anticipating the great feeling after the run, listening to your running music before you even set off or promising yourself a reward after you run (maybe a piece of chocolate?) can all help you beat your lack of motivation. Having a specific training and running routine can also help you get into your running shoes.

Tips for running training

Running with others is twice as fun, and it’s harder to make up excuses to skip your training if you’ve got a running date with friends. Most places have running groups or clubs you can join, so there’s no need to be scared of running in the dark - you’ll be safer as part of a group and you can cheer each other on and share tips on running and staying fit over winter.

If all of these methods don’t work, try setting yourself and planning running deadlines in advance. Having a training routine with fixed dates and times adds structure to your workouts. It makes planning easier, it reduces the motivation challenge and it improves your chances of getting through a workout and/or run in bad weather. Make sure you can measure your progress and achievements - there are all kinds of winter running exercise series to spark your competitiveness.

sMiles by Keller Sports app for extra motivation

The perfect sporty rewards and additional motivation are all part of the sMiles by Keller Sports app. You collect sMiles points with every run and can redeem them for rewards, discounts or vouchers for the Keller Sports online shop. As if that weren’t enough, you can also take part in different challenges that will earn you extra points upon completion and, with a little luck, might even lead you to win some amazing sporty prizes. 181025_Nike_UtilityPack_Guide_03 All of this also applies to the Nike Running challenges. To mark the start of Nike Run Utility, there are running challenges you can take for an extra dose of motivation. These are the “Get fit” and “Pro” challenges. The first is aimed at both beginner runners, while the “Pro” category involves running 13k in 60 minutes, so it’s better suited to fast, experienced runners. Why not try completing one challenge category after the other? They’d be a great addition to your autumn training schedule.

All you need to do is connect your tracker (like the Nike Run Club app) and start running to be in for a chance of winning exclusive prizes from our Nike Run Utility series. If you complete the Nike Get Fit challenge, you could win a pair of new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield. For the Nike Pro challenge, the main prize being raffled among finishers is a pair of Odyssey React Shield. There are additional features on the Nike Running app, including training plans, a tip section and motivational aids for your next autumn run.
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Nike Run Utility running clothes

Choosing the right running clothing is very important when you’re running in bad weather because your outfit should shield you from the wind and the rain. Having reflective elements on your clothes improves your visibility in low light conditions, making it safer for you to run in the dark because drivers, cyclists and other runners will be able to see you from further away.

It’s precisely these features that Nike has included in its new Nike Run Utility collection to help runners be ready for any weather in autumn and winter. Whether you’re wearing running tights, a running jacket or a long-sleeved top - the textiles used in all of them will wick moisture away from the skin so it can evaporate and cool you down, while also keeping the rain and the snow out of the garment.

A tip from us: when running in cold temperatures, it’s best to wear lots of thin layers than one or two thick ones. The more layers you wear, the better you can finetune your body temperature to suit every phase of the run. Make sure you feel a little chilly to begin with - the heat will soon build up in your body and you’ll be unzipping jackets, rolling up sleeves and taking off layers once you’ve been going a while.

Nike Run Utility running shoes

Having the right running shoes is also crucial to the success of autumn training. Your body loses most of its heat through your head and your feet, so you need to make sure you’re wearing weatherproof shoes that are suitable for the cold, wet weather. A grippy sole on your running shoes will ensure you don’t slip when you step on wet paths and soggy fallen leaves and will help prevent injuries. Having good grip improves your training too, so you can prepare for spring. 181025_Nike_UtilityPack_Guide_04 With Shield technology, Nike has succeeded in releasing shoes that meet the requirements we’ve outlined above: a waterproof upper, reflective elements and an outsole that provides the necessary grip, even on wet surfaces. The toggle lacing system also allows runners to adjust the fit of the shoe quickly, so they don’t have to stand still for too long in the cold, wet weather.

Reflective elements and flashing LED details that can be fastened onto your shoes and clothes increase your visibility in the dark. The headlamp takes it a step further, so you don’t need to fear the dark when you’re running through the woods or an unlit park.

Motivate yourself! Get running!

With some sound advice the perfect running clothes and running shoes, you can learn to love running in the rain. There really is nothing better than the feeling of having beaten your lack of motivation and powering up in the fresh air and rain.

Don’t forget: summer winners are made in winter - nothing stops the run! Credits: Julia Habitzreiter