We’ve already introduced you to the Nike Vaporfly Elite, the Nike Vaporfly 4% and the new Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35. Now it’s time you knew about our partner Nike’s latest model, in which all of the best features from the most innovative shoes have been blended into a single shoe: the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo. We’ll be receiving this rare shoe in our selection very soon, so we’re going to look into it in some detail.

Nike Pegasus Zoom Turbo: construction

As Nike’s third edition, the Pegasus Zoom Turbo comes with a light and incredibly responsive Zoom X Foam sole. According to Nike, the sole can provide up to 85% energy return during a run, making it the most responsive running shoe sole on the market. At the same time, this shoe also includes the lightest material Nike has ever used on running shoes. A men’s size 10 shoe weighs less than 240 grams, while the women’s size 8 is even under the 200-gram mark.
Apart from Zoom X Foam, this shoe also boasts a layer of React material, which we’ve spoken about in more detail here. This material makes the Nike Pegasus Zoom Turbo more hardwearing and stable. We’re very excited to see the result of combining these two premium materials into a single shoe.
The Nike Pegasus Zoom Turbo comes with a 10 mm offset, making it the ideal running shoe for covering long distances. You can put all of your energy into every stride with the assurance that the Zoom X sole will return a big part of it back to your foot. The upper is made of a seamless and slightly transparent mesh material. Through it, you can just about see the Flywire fibres that guarantee the Pegasus Zoom Turbo’s excellent fit. These special fibres are joined to the lacing system, which means that you can change the fit of the running shoe just by doing up your laces.
The outsole comes with Nike’s famous waffle tread. It’s called ‘waffle’ tread because Nike’s co-founder, Bill Bowerman, made his first sole using an old waffle iron. The waffle elements of the Nike Pegasus Zoom Turbo are smaller than their predecessors. The result of this is that more pressure is absorbed during a stride, delivering additional traction on the road. The overarching effect is a speed boost.

Nike Pegasus Zoom Turbo: differences to its predecessors

The biggest difference between this latest model and the Nike Vaporfly Elite and the Nike Vaporfly 4% is that the Turbo has done away with the carbon fibre plate in the midsole, and for a good reason too. Many Nike athletes, like Olympic marathon champion Eliud Kipchoge, have tested the carbon fibre plate during competitions and loved its functionality. But they did highlight that, though good for competitions, the plate was a little too much for daily runs. The catapult effect of the plate isn’t necessary when training.
This is why Nike decided to leave the carbon fibre plate out of the new Pegasus Zoom Turbo. Zoom X and the React sole work together to deliver the energy return you need to cover long distances. Have you already tried one of the shoes with the plate? What do you think of it?
Unlike the Nike Zoom Pegasus 35, the Turbo comes without any Air elements. Instead, it has the aforementioned Zoom X Foam and the React sole. Another difference between both shoe models is the silhouette. The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo has inherited the Vaporfly 4%’s bevelled heel, which the Pegasus 35 doesn’t have.

Another obvious difference between the Turbo and its predecessors is the design: along the length of the shoe, from tongue to toe box, there’s a racing stripe, like the ones you often see on race cars. This stripe reflects the Nike Pegasus Turbo’s promise of speed. Nike-Zoom-Pegasus-Turbo-racing-stripe

Nike Pegasus Zoom Turbo at Keller Sports

It’s too bad that we all have to wait a while longer to get our hands on these new Nike running shoes. The good news is that they’ll definitely be in our selection this summer 2018 season. We’ll keep you up to date in our Guide and on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts. Stay tuned.
Of course, you can always just keep checking our shop to see if the Nike running shoe is there yet. We can’t wait for it to arrive. Nike-Zoom-Pegasus-Turbo-running