For the first time ever, our partner Nike has merged the main characteristics of two different shoe models into one new training shoe. The result is the Nike Free X Metcon, which, as the name suggests, offers the flexibility of Nike Free with the stability of Nike Metcon. AH8141-004-17894985_D_B_1X1_hd_1600

Properties of the Nike Metcon X Free

High-wear areas are reinforced with particularly tough material. The light mesh has been made stronger and more stable in precisely these zones, making this shoe the perfect partner even for rope-climbing, as it comes with raised rubber at the sides. The outsole is equipped with deep flex grooves, which are typical of the Nike Free and allow the Nike Metcon X Free to flex easily in every direction. These grooves also contribute to the light and natural running feel. 3 Reinforcement around the toe area protects you during exercises like burpees, while the heel counter offers additional stability and reduces chafing - ideal for wall walks and handstand push-ups. To top it off, the soft midsole if made of firmer-density foam that provides soft, comfortable cushioning. Some tougher foam has been used in areas where you need more support and stability, especially during side movements. 2 You can find the new Nike Metcon X Free with all of its great features in our selection - check out this great training shoe for yourself.

Nike Free technology - behind the scenes

When looking for new shoe ideas that could take running to a whole new level, Nike developers turned to the brand’s accomplished coach and asked what makes his team different from others. He replied that his runners often take off their shoes and train barefoot. From then on, Nike has spent several years researching the biomechanics of runners’ feet in movement. The aim was to discover the differences between running barefoot and running in conventional shoes, so the brand could design a shoe that replicates and supports the feeling and effects of barefoot running. nike-free Nike realised that they needed to make the sole of a running shoe much more flexible because the bare feet move and stretch a lot further than conventional sports shoes allow. Starting with a classic sole, Nike introduces wider flex grooves that split the tread into little squares, allowing for a greater range of motion. Nonetheless, the EVA material in the midsole still delivers a certain amount of cushioning. The next steps in the development of Nike Free saw a shift away from the usual waffle-patterned sole and the design of a Free sole, also used on training shoes. This sole has hexagonal flex grooves, so the bottom of the new Nike Metcon X Free, for example, is split into several little hexagons. These provide the foot with greater freedom of movement in all directions.

Nike Metcon - behind the name

These Nike training shoes have been on the market for a good three years and they still continue to impress with their comfort, robustness and versatility. Whether you wear them for weightlifting, quick sprints or rope-climbing, the Nike Metcon will follow your every move. But do you know where the name comes from? Read on - we’re about to tell you. MetCon is a fitness term that stands for Metabolic Conditioning, but there’s much more than that behind the classic shoes’ name. MetCon is a training technique that often involves doing extremely intense circuits for extended periods of time. It’s essential to use every single muscle group and train them all intensively throughout the workout. It’s similar to Tabata and HIIT. This training approach is what inspired the Nike Metcon shoes, which are versatile and robust enough to allow for long, intense workouts with several different exercises and very few breaks. That is the purpose of the Nike Metcon.


Nike Free technology and the Nike Metcon shoe are surely two of Nike’s most important inventions from the last few years. Joining both together into a single shoe makes perfect sense, and the brand has achieved an outstanding result. We’re really blown over by the new Nike Metcon X Free and recommend you try it out too. Click here to see the brand new Nike Metcon X Free. Find out for yourself how well these two worlds have been fused into one shoe. We look forward to hearing what you have to say about it.