New at Keller Sports

We are very proud to announce that we will shortly have new Nike shoes in stock. We already offer you the Nike Free Train Force Flyknit as a brand new addition to our range, and there are many more to follow.Nike_Free_Auxetic_Midsole_Technology_for_Running_and_Training_hd_1600

With the innovative Flyknit upper, this shoe sits like a second skin and it also offers breathable support and freedom of movement. The high shoe collar enables a sock-like fit.SU16_BSTY_Free_M_Free_Train_Force_Flyknit_Outsole_06_hd_1600

The sole of the shoe has also been redesigned. The so-called Tristal tread provides your foot with great freedom of movement as it stretches and flexes with every step. As well as this, rubber reinforcements offer additional traction and durability.