At the end of February, we introduced you to our partner Nike’s latest running shoes: the Nike Epic React Flyknit range. The shoes were specially designed to be extremely light, hardwearing and responsive. But their design is equally impressive. We’d now like to present the this running shoe’s latest colourways - the Nike Epic React Pink Matcha Pack, which you can now pre-order in our shop.  

More than just a running shoe

The Nike Epic React Pink Matcha Pack come with many different technologies, making them true high-performance running shoes. Nonetheless, they also look cool enough and feel comfortable enough to be used as sneakers. The shoes come with famous Nike Flyknit material, which is extremely soft and adjusts perfectly to the shape of the foot. This model is comparable to the adidas UltraBOOST in the way that it provides running shoe performance in a lifestyle-friendly design. Apart from that, the shoes have similar midsoles - both are soft and responsive. If you’re wondering why these shoes aren’t classed as running/lifestyle shoes, read on, we’re about to tell you. Nike Epic React Pink Heel Side

Nike Epic React Pink Matcha Pack

After launching the shoe in its first colours, the brand has now brought out two real eye-catcher. These Nike running shoes sport a gorgeous gradient pink shade all over but they’re not just for women - the men’s model is available in the Nike Pink colour too. The other one is in a dark green color called Matcha. We like both colours very much. Click here to check out these Nike running shoes in our shop.  

Nike React technology

Before developing its latest sole technology, Nike asked runners of all levels what they valued the most in a running shoe. The answer was unanimous: a running shoe should be as light, soft, hardwearing and responsive as possible. Joining all four of these properties into a single product was a real challenge - soft materials don’t return energy, they absorb it. Hard materials, however, provide excellent energy return but very little cushioning. As a rule of thumb, damping materials can either be soft and cushioning or hard and responsive. With Nike React technology, though, the brand has succeeded in combining the benefits of both types of damping. The foam was first used in 2017 to improve the stability and responsiveness of basketball shoes. Nike then decided to adapt this new technology to use in running shoes. Nike Epic React running shoes deliver over 10% more energy return than any other damping materials created by Nike. This is because the sole springs back into its original shape after the rolling phase of every single step you take, even after running 100 k. Hardly any other technology can beat such hardwearing durability. Nike asked testers to go for a run with Nike Epic React Flyknit running shoes whose soles had already covered at least 800 kilometres. The result: when asked, most runners guessed that the shoes had only covered at most an average of 25 k. No other technology is this hardwearing or long-lasting. Light, robust and responsive - lifestyle trainers are also often like this. This is why the Nike Epic React are great for both running and wearing for everyday activities. Nike Epic React Pink heel

Nike Epic React vs. adidas UltraBOOST

As already mentioned, the Nike Epic React shoes are very similar to the adidas UltraBOOST. Both models were designed for running but also make good lifestyle shoes. However, the big difference between running shoes and lifestyle shoes is the midsole - foam isn’t just foam. The development of sole materials has a very long history, but the first ones to be used for most shoes were EVA and TPU. It was using these as a base that German company BASF created BOOST. It was lighter and, above all, more responsive than any previously used materials - until now. What makes the Nike React material special is that it was specially designed for shoes. Nike’s chemical experts have created a completely new material just for use in this shoe, and it’s said to be 30% lighter than BOOST. The problem with developing these materials is that we all have different preferences and levels of experience, so you can’t please everyone. Which do you prefer for running and for everyday activities? Nike React or adidas BOOST?  


The new Nike Epic React Pink Matcha Pack is an amazing running shoe with a great design. Whether you wear it as a running shoe or as an everyday trainer, you’re bound to look and feel great in this Nike shoe. If you don't want to miss out any new products, brands, events or launches, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or join our big newsletter community for all information. Meet you there!