In early May, André attended the Breaking2 event hosted by our partner Nike and saw the Nike Fast shoes in action. He now has some Pegasus 34 shoes himself and has laced up for a test run. This is what he thought of the fastest Nike Pegasus in history:


Pure motivation - André doesn’t consider himself a very dedicated runner but these new Nike Pegasus have really encouraged him to get up and move. The high level of comfort and, above all, the newly designed upper worked together to make him feel good in the shoes straight away but it was when he started running that he realised the full potential of the Pegasus 34.


The Nike Zoom Air elements and the Cushlon ST foam damping contribute to a smoothing running feel, according to André. Although the shoe was mainly designed for tarmac, you “barely feel the stones beneath your feet when you run on more rugged terrain”. Apart from that, the studded waffle outsole and Crash Rails provide excellent grip and secure support on varying terrains. André also noticed that, even after running 10 k three times in just 5 days, he hardly needed any recovery time at all. This is further proof of the ergonomic, comfortable and cushioned running feel provided by the Pegasus 34.


Overall, André is really impressed with the new Nike Pegasus 34 and is sure to wear them for many more runs. Enjoy!