The European outdoor tennis season is coming up along with the rising temperatures. It is for this specific occasion that our premium partner Nike has launched new tennis products - we now have them in our selection. From shoes, tops and shorts to skirts and dresses, everyone can find something they like. As an example of highlight products that are used by tennis pros Serena Williams and Roger Federer, we would like to introduce you to the Nike Air Zoom Ultra Fly Low Clay.


The Nike Air Zoom Ultra Fly Low Clay is the lightest Nike tennis shoe on the market. Its low weight means that you can move quickly around the court. To provide the necessary stability despite the low weight of the shoe, Nike has incorporated Flywire fibres into the upper, TPU reinforcement into the midfoot and the well-known herringbone tread on the sole. This means that the shoe delivers the ideal support and traction during fast-paced tennis matches with a lot of directional changes.


The Nike Air Zoom elements also make the shoe highly reactive and return energy to you during every step. The continuous inner shoe construction is not only extremely comfortable, but also ensures no sand from the court gets into your shoe. Fast, light, comfortable and ready for a powerful game.