We’ve recently added sports clothes from the Swedish brand Röhnisch to our selection. The brand designs and creates fitness clothes for women who enjoy an active lifestyle. The clothes offer a combination of functionality and stylish, modern design - therefore appealing to women who have understood the motivating and inspiring effects of having the right sports clothes and who want to invest in their well being. The brand caters for the following sports: training, running, yoga, golf, beach activities and outdoor sports. We have some amazing leggings, t-shirts, shorts and tops from this brand in our selection - don’t miss your chance to buy them! rohnisch030 Apart from high-quality materials and modern designs, Röhnisch also places a great value on sustainable production. Active women like you are also often aware of environmental issues like sustainability. Many of you want to lead a self-aware and fair life, as well as an active one. Röhnisch takes responsibility for every step of the production chain, including the people and actions involved. The rights of those producing textiles for the brand are not to be damaged or restricted in any way, and the people themselves should also come to no harm. In order to keep up these conditions, the brand has a behavioural code that must be followed by everyone involved in the manufacturing process. This code covers topics like child labour, discrimination, environment and corruption - click here to look into it further. Röhnisch also works together with the “Hand in Hand” initiative, whose vision it is to rid the world of poverty and child labour. The core elements of this initiative revolve around education, health and environment and are a strive towards improving living conditions, especially in India. You can find out more about the brand’s collaboration with “Hand in Hand” here. rohnisch045 We’re very pleased to have Röhnisch’s fairly manufactured, high-quality and very stylish fitness clothes in our selection for you. The playful patterns and modern cuts are ideal for a dynamic lifestyle. These outfits will make you feel good and will motivate you afresh every time you wear them. With Röhnisch, you feel good not only on the outside but also on the inside. What do you think of the Röhnisch women’s fitness clothes? In early September, we’ll be hosting this brand in our Keller Sports Store in Munich and will be organising cool events together. Keep an eye on our Facebook page to stay up-to-date. Now it’s time to check out the cool Röhnisch products in our shop - click here and enjoy! rohnisch043