We now have the new Spartan Trainer Wrist sports watch in our selection - with limited availability. This Suunto sports watch now comes in a much cleaner format than its sister products yet still offers several different functions. The design of the SUUNTO Spartan Trainer Wrist is focussed around offering a light weight and comfort. Its small size makes it just as suited to narrower wrists as it is to thicker ones, and it sits perfectly during all kinds of sports activities. Thanks to the light weight, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing a watch at all. The chic design fits in beautifully with everyday life. Suunto_Spartan_Trainer_WHR_Blue_product_on_wrist_push At the same time, the multi-sports GPS watch offers you an incredible amount of functions for your training or for day-to-day life. It comes with several different sports modes, such as running, hiking or swimming. You can also personalise your own sports modes, create intervals or simply record the number of steps you take every day. One particularity of this watch is that it measures your heart rate, even when you’re not exercising. This means that it detects if you’re stressed or if you’re over training. As a result, you’ll find it easier to give your body the rest it needs and recover sufficiently before your next workout. Suunto_Spartan_Trainer_WHR_Ocean_product_on_wrist_running The compact, versatile, lightweight multifunctional watch is the perfect companion for an active life. The simple, timeless and beautiful design means that you can wear this watch for all occasions - sports activities, a shopping spree in the city or dinner out with your loved ones. We only have a limited number of these watches available, so don’t take too long over the decision to buy it ;) Click here to quickly find your new everyday companion.