Our feet carry us throughout the day. In winter, when it’s cold and slippery outside, we need to more careful what footwear we choose. Among other things, we expect our shoes to be functional. Apart from enjoying warm, waterproof and slip-proof properties, we also want to stick to our own personal style. Hunting down the perfect winter shoes isn’t an easy task, but functionality, style and a modern design are not mutually exclusive - quite the contrary! For proof, look no further than our partner SOREL. Its hallmarks are first-class weatherproofing and bold designs. Sorel_BearInSquare_no_border_RichBlack-Kopie In our selection we now have selected men’s and women’s shoes from SOREL’s winter collection. This brand’s top-quality shoes wrap your feet snugly from all angles. You benefit from outstanding protection in winter weather, while also showing the world your best style. Be it for a stroll in the park or a meet-up at the Christmas markets, you’ll always feel great in SOREL shoes. F17_COZY_JOAN_900x675-2 Apart from meeting your functionality and design needs, SOREL also takes social responsibility very seriously. Ethical and sustainable production is one of the brand’s main priorities. In order to encourage these values among others, the brand uses a special behavioural code that ensures its partners also follow the same ethical approaches. With its products, SOREL provides a fusion of superb functionality and great style. As well as being produced in a conscientious and ethical way, the shoes also meet the highest quality standards. We’re very proud to be able to offer you this brand’s products in our shop and hope you enjoy using them this winter. F17_COZY_JOAN_286_0322-683x1024