Our partner PYUA stands for high-quality functional clothing. The concept of ‘high quality’ here means a combination of style, function and, above all sustainability. You’ve been able to find winter sports clothing by this unique brand in our selection since autumn 2016. Well, we now also have PYUA’s outdoor products on offer in our shop too.

Sustainable sports clothing by PYUA is made of recycled and recyclable materials that are completely PFC-free - this means that no polyfluorinated and perfluorinated chemicals have been used to coat the garments. These types of chemicals are harmful to the environment and to our health, so not using them is a great step forward. The brand’s garments are also all produced 100% in Europe. PYUA’s clothing manufacturing processes also minimise waste and keep the use of natural resources to a bare minimum.


Do you love running, climbing or hiking? That’s great - you can now pursue your favourite outdoor activities with renewed vigour. We have fairtrade articles including tops, t-shirt, shorts, pants, fleeces and functional jacket for pretty much any activity you might have in mind. Why not browse through our outdoor articles for yourself? .

PYUA for everyday life

The chic designs and high-quality materials make PYUA’s fairly produced clothes not just perfect for outdoor sports but also for everyday life - whether you’re heading for the city, enjoying a walk in the woods or doing your gardening. One of PYUA’s priorities is making sure that you feel comfortable in the brand’s trend-oriented urban products. Natural materials and wonderful finishing touches all contribute to making you feel great all round. Sustainable clothing that’s both stylish and functional: with PYUA, you can make a positive difference to our impact on the environment and, ultimately, on your health. “PYUA is YOUR statement on the environment!” - keep this in mind when you’re shopping, so you can enjoy a clear conscience and make the most of your favourite outdoor activities and your everyday life.


PYUA - made in Europe

PYUA stands for sustainability and with it, our environmental and social responsibility for it. Mobility is an important aspect of this concept. While other companies travel a lot to get their products manufactured, PYUA’s travelling is much less intense thanks to the fact that the brand’s factories are all in Europe and suppliers are all found within the same region. All PYUA departments, including management, use the train as a means of business transport.

Another of the label’s big priorities is social responsibility. Any usable clothing patterns are donated to local homeless shelters. The safeguarding of jobs and optimisation of working hours of PYUA’s employees also have very positive social consequences. The focus of the production chain is on keeping up social standards, part of this involves secure long-term employment planning.

Taking responsibility also means careful business planning. Creating eco-friendly, socially-responsible, high-quality and high-performing products is indeed a big challenge. By buying PYUA products, you can enjoy all of the benefits while also helping the brand stay true to its values, so it can continue to provide responsible products. Natural materials sourced 100% in Europe provide you with outstanding protection and keep environmental damage to a minimum. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Click here to browse through all of the sustainable sports clothes in our selection.

Want to find out more about sustainability at PYUA and get an insight into the recycling system? This post is all about the brand’s unique closed-loop recycling system - give it a read.