The next new partner we are presenting in our discussion of new brands is the winter sports brand KJUS. In 2000, former Norwegian ski racer and champion of the Nagano 1994 Olympics Lasse Kjus was playing golf with Swiss businessman Didi Serena when they both discovered that freedom of movement while exercising depends mostly on the flexibility of the clothing you wear. The knowledge they had gained through playing sport was then applied to skiing, and the pair soon developed their first 2-way stretchy ski pants. This idea still predominates today and is present in all the brand's products, which are famous for being made from extremely elasticated high-tech fabrics.


Over the years, KJUS has worked on perfecting the elasticity, comfort and functionality of its products. In 2004, the brand launched its first jacket made from 4-way stretchy material - this offered even more freedom of movement, without weighing more or compromising on functionality. The growing popularity of KJUS' products led to the brand being the single equipment supplier to ski racer Bode Miller and the entire 2007 US team. KJUS usually basis its development and testing of new products on very passionate or very active competitive athletes like former Swiss ski racer and 2009 World Champion Didier Cuche. Last winter, KJUS launched the 7-Sphere, and with it a new ski clothing system that offers perfect temperature regulation. We will introduce you to this new system later this week, as it will have a post all of its own.MS15-A14.33102