In summer 2017, innovative sports brand Odlo launched the unique Ceramicool technology - a complete novelty. The brand’s Ceramicool running and fitness clothing is made of a very special yarn that’s ultra light and consists of a special kind of fibre. This encourages body heat to escape more quickly by providing small air channels. Apart from that, highly conductive ceramic particles integrated into the yarn speed up the cooling process even further. This is what makes up Odlo’s cooling technology and delivers a perfect body temperature.

Ceramicool yarn has been able to prove its cooling properties even in the warmest conditions. By wearing Ceramicool clothing, your skin temperature can decrease by up to 1°C.


There’s currently a whole line of product with Ceramicool technology. Different tops, shorts and tights are all equipped with this innovative yarn. While Ceramicool Seamless products are wholly made of this fabric, other products labelled as just Ceramicool will only have the technology in special body regions, such as the underarms, neck and back. To find out more about this, read our post.

You can also find Odlo’s latest Ceramicool products in our selection. The Ceramicool line has not only a cooling effect to offer but also breathability and soft comfort. If you’re looking to achieve a new best performance, try it out for yourself - one degree could make all the difference.