SCOTT began in 1958 with a sheer passion for skiing. Ed Scott, ski racer from Sun Valley (Idaho) developed his own revolutionary ski pole made from aluminium, soon replacing the wood and bamboo poles that had been used until then. With this invention, the brand SCOTT laid the foundation stone for becoming today's leading in technical winter sports products. Now motor sports, mountain biking and running belong to the top specialisms of the SCOTT brand.


With the motto of "Innovate, shape, improve. Achieve more with better raw materials, be creative and always aim to improve products" the brand sets itself new goals year after year, developing the company and looking forward into the future. At SCOTT nothing is done by halves, it's all or nothing.

Since only recently we've started providing with high quality, revolutionary ski sports articles from the winter sports and outdoor brand SCOTT. You can find freeride and touring ski shoes, as well as alpine skis, helmet and many more piece of SCOTT equipment here in our shop.