In vogue… we now have rucksacks from the Swedish brand Fjällräven in our selection for you! In this post, we tell you what’s behind this cool outdoor brand. Ake Nordin, founder of Fjällräven and a big outdoor fan, developed his first ideas during childhood, when he spent a lot of his time as an enthusiastic scout in the Swedish mountains. At that time, around 1950, people wore bulky, shapeless bags on their backs to carry their essentials. These bags sat uncomfortably on the hips and distributed weight unevenly. This led Ake, who lived with his parents in the Swedish locality of Örnsköldsvik, to develop his first wooden construction with a cotton bag. The artefact had leather straps that allowed you to wear it on your back and balance out the weight in a uniform way. This revolutionary product soon became popular among the local Sámi and was the foundation stone for the brand now known as Fjällräven. 13266749_890202744423234_2014919749_n “Fjällräven” is a Swedish word that means arctic fox. Sadly, this animal is in danger of extinction in Sweden, which is why Ake named his brand after the rare fox. In his parents’ cellar, the pioneer kept coming up with more and more ideas. He developed these further and turned them into projects, like rucksacks with stable aluminium frames and condensation-free tents. It was in the 70s that home production moved to a factory. This is where the first classics were created. These are still popular today and include the Fjällräven Kanken rucksack, which is almost synonymous with the brand. Today, the brand continues to grow and develop new, exciting projects. It also organises outdoor activities, like the Fjällräven sledge dog race and the Fjallräven Classics, with the aim of encouraging a passion for outdoor sports in its customers. As one of the world’s leading outdoor product manufacturers, Fjällräven also manages to stay true to its motto of “producing functional outdoor equipment and clothes for challenging activities in the most extreme regions of the world”. You can now discover the cool products of this unique and stylish brand in our selection! The trendsetting Fjällräven Kanken is only one of many rucksacks we have available. Have fun shopping! 20583298_857988687710886_3609554132613988352_n