Nike Air Zoom Ultra Fly tennis shoe is now in our range. The shoe is one of the lightest of its kind and its several technologies offer you everything you need for a lightning-fast performance on the tennis court. The Pebax® sole has a modified tread that provides excellent traction, yet is also very hardwearing. Nike’s famous Zoom Air elements in the heel and forefoot guarantee maximal reactivity and the necessary amount of damping.NikeCourt_Air_Zoom_Ultrafly_1_hd_1600 NikeCourt_Air_Zoom_Ultrafly_2_hd_1600 The upper material is made from hardwearing Kurim and breathable mesh, which makes the Nike Air Zoom Ultra Fly a highly comfortable tennis shoe, even during longer matches. The asymmetrical lacing keeps your foot in the right position during lateral movements and therefore guarantees improved support. Apart from that the Flyknit shoe collar, which rises over the ankle, provides a close fit that delivers additional stability.NikeCourt_Air_Zoom_Ultrafly_Clay_1_hd_1600 NikeCourt_Air_Zoom_Ultrafly_Clay_3_hd_1600 “The asymmetry of the shoe comes from this idea of being able to quickly move and push off”, explains Michael Hui, Nike Senior Designer of Tennis Footwear, “Tennis is played on the edges of the shoes; you’re moving so quickly that you barely have time to really stand flat. The shoe is designed to provide maximum contact when you're on the corners.”Nike-Air-Zoom-Clickable_original (2) The Ultra Fly for grass courts has no herringbone pattern on the tread of the sole; instead it has little studs on the Pebax® sole so you enjoy perfect support and optimal traction, even on slippery terrain.NikeCourt_Air_Zoom_Ultrafly_Grass_1_hd_1600 (1) NikeCourt_Air_Zoom_Ultrafly_Grass_2_hd_1600 (1)