A few days ago, our partner HEAD presented the new limited edition of the HEAD Graphene XT Radical. The first thing that strikes you about this racket is its unusually funky design. The black background colour is broken up with brightly coloured details, making this racket a real head-turner. Though it is not only the HEAD Graphene XT Radical LTD’s look that impresses, but also the combination of power and good handling it offers. The racket is also equipped with the Graphene XT technology for which HEAD is famous. This technology distributes the weight of the racket towards the head and the grip, therefore improving manoeuvrability, increasing swing weight and delivering optimal weight redistribution. In a nutshell, this means you get more energy and power from less effort.


The combination of power and good handling is further reinforced by the open stringing pattern. For the HEAD Graphene Radical LTD this means improved playability and more spin. The Graphene material used in HEAD tennis rackets not only makes them light, but also extremely robust, so they deform less and you can pour more energy into the actual shot. To match this optically- and technologically-impressive racket we offer the colourful HEAD Radical LTD Monstercombi tennis bag, which has been recently added to our selection. With enough storage space for up to twelve rackets, an integrated shoe compartment and an extra pocket for personal items, this bag offers you lots of storage space for all your equipment. The bag’s padded carrier system also allows you to wear the bag as a rucksack. The Radical LTD products deliver power, good handling, space, comfort and style for every tennis court you step on to. Check them out for yourselves.