We now have CamelBak rucksacks and bottles available in our online shop. We’d like to briefly introduce you to the American brand:

In 1989, passionate cyclist Michael Eidson took part in the "Hotter'N Hell 100". The race is 100 miles long and takes place in the hot state of Texas, so having enough to drink is essential. Eidson didn’t want to stop to take his bottle out and fill up at the few refueling stations throughout the race. That’s why he came up with the idea of taking a drip bottle from a hospital, filling it with water and storing it in a sock. He threw the long tube over his shoulder and closed it off at the end with a clothes peg. This was the birth of hands-free drinking during sports.


CamelBak originated from one of the most basic human needs - drinking. Since then, CamelBak has been developing practical hydration systems to keep you topped up with water while you practise sports. Both the hydration systems and the rucksacks are particularly well suited to running and cycling, as they fit close to the body and don’t get in the way while you exercise. We now have the rucksacks, bottles and hydration bladders in our selection - check them out here.