There is one property that all sports socks should have, no matter what sport you practise – that is, optimal stability. Our partner Falke has taken this function one step further and made the 4Grip socks the ideal footwear for quick directional changes, maximal speed and stability during every movement. Small silicone studs on the inside and outside of the socks ensure the foot does not slip within the shoe. This results in much better energy transfer during explosive movements.FA_4GRIP_1200x900_1_DE

With their compression areas in the ankle region, these socks reduce risk of injury. This is because ligaments in the foot and the ankle are put under a lot of pressure during explosive movements and they require support, which is offered by the compression. We have these socks in our shop right now.

Falke is collaborating with Audi to present the new 4Grip socks because, in the 80s, Audi brought about the innovative 4-wheel drive and introduced the best ever traction, thus redefining motor sports. With the 4Grip socks, Falke is doing exactly the same thing for every kind of sport that requires in-shoe stability.