We have recently added functional compression clothing from Australian brand “Two Times You” (2XU) to our selection. Founded in 2005, this company’s mission is to continually develop its performance and adjust to the latest advancements. In order to be up-to-date technologically, scientifically and physically, 2XU works in close collaboration with renown sports institutions from all over the world. Next to entities like the “Australian Institute of Sport” (AIS) or the American company “IRONMAN”, athletes from all disciplines are among 2XU’s most important partners. Only via direct communication with experts in the relevant field can the most advanced goals be achieved and the most modern products be developed.


Apart from the products’ functionality and comfort, “Two Times You” also attaches great value to the preparation and regeneration before and after sporty activities.

Before training, wearing compression clothes can stimulate blood cells. Oxygen supply to the muscle fibres is sped up and therefore improved.

During the training, compression ensures the muscles do not become overly acidic, the result being that they can work for longer.


After training is before training - with the right compression your blood returns to the heart faster and the increased lactic acid will be broken down better. Inflammation is reduced and your muscles can recover quicker.

“2XU compression supports our engine & shapes how we recover, train & perform.” (2XU.com)


You can find the men’s and women’s light, breathable, flexible and hardwearing compression pants from 2XU here in our shop. Say goodbye to muscle pain and do your body some good - try out compression clothing for yourself.

Sources: Pictures: Instagram/2XU, Facebook/2XUofficial