This summer, our partner ASICS has launched a whole new range of running shoes. The Gel-Kenun with its pronounced Gel cushion in the heel, the Roadhawk FF for fast runs on tarmac and the Gel-Fujirado, the first ASICS trail shoe with a BOA lacing system. We now have these shoes in our selection and would like to introduce you to them:


The first thing you notice about the new ASICS Kenun is its pronounced and colourful Gel cushion in the heel, which, until now, was not typical of ASICS. The Gel element doesn’t just have an aesthetic function, however, as it offers excellent impact absorption. This is further enhanced by the light Solyte material in the midsole. The upper is made of breathable mesh that allows air to circulate, ensuring a comfortable skin temperature within the shoe. The entire shoe is seamless to prevent friction against the skin. A comfort highlight with the ASICS Kenun is its padded tongue and shaft. Reflective elements make you more visible when you run in low-light conditions.


ASICS Roadhawk FF

The new ASICS Roadhawk FF is a very light and fast running shoe that is very clearly performance-oriented. Thanks to the FlyteFoam midsole, it’s reliable and offers good damping even over longer distances. From fast-paced workouts to marathons, the Roadhawk impresses throughout with its low weight, reactive damping and excellent comfort, thanks to the mesh upper. The necessary traction is provided by the AHAR outsole. AHAR stands for ASICS’ own High Abrasion Resistant Rubber. This is a remarkable running shoe that’s guaranteed to help you break a new personal record.


ASICS Gel-Fujirado

Like the “Fuji” in the name suggests, the new ASICS Gel-Fujirado is a trail shoe. In case you didn’t know, Fuji is the name of the tallest mountain in Japan - home to the brand ASICS. All of this company’s trail shoes have the word “Fuji” in the name. Among them is the ASICS Fujirado, a high-performance trail shoe. The Gel damping cushions every step and absorbs the resulting impact. The upper is very light and comes with a very hardwearing overlay that makes the shoe even more hardwearing and robust. As a special extra, ASICS has teamed up for the very first time with Boa® to equip this shoe with The Boa® System. The Boa® lacing system is made up of a small turning dial that tightens the laces a millimetre at a time for fine-tuned adjustment. This system is most well-known in the skiing and cycling sectors and has now entered the running world. This is a super trail shoe that’ll allow you to fly up any mountain ;-)