"You know what it’s like - you get a glorious winter day and all you want to do is go to the mountains and hit the snow. Alpine skiing in the morning, cross-country skiing in the afternoon and maybe even a little walk in the winter wonderland after that. For many, an active day out in the mountains is the perfect way to recover from a tiring week at work or at uni.

If you want to make sure your next day out in the snow is absolutely perfect, follow these 5 tips:

1. Preparation is key! Pack everything the evening before your trip and load the car in advance. 2. Pack snacks and drinks! It’s very important to have a thermal flask with hot tea. 3. Charge your camera and/or your phone camera! You’ll want to go home with more than just happy memories, so take some photos and share them with your friends. 4. The early bird catches the worm ;) 5. During school holidays, don’t do what everybody else does - try nighttime skiing instead.

My ideal day...

8:00: Taking the first lift up to the top station and enjoying the view! Glorious sunshine all around, while the valley is still covered in a veil of mist.


13:00: After a light lunch, it’s time for cross-country skiing - this means swapping heavy skis for slim, lightweight cross-country ones.


Feeling great after the cross-country trip and knowing I’ll feel even better later!

16:00: Time to relax and enjoy the last rays of sunshine on a gentle walk through the winter landscape.


Alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and a long walk - if you want to manage it all in one day, you need to have the right clothes.

A thick jacket, tough shoes, gloves and a hat are essential things to have on you. But for me, the most important thing of all is wearing the right ski baselayers. The principle of “first on, last off” is an easy way to understand the fact that ski baselayers are the building blocks for the insulation that will keep you warm, and they have to be multifunctional.

I prefer wearing ski baselayers by Mons Royale. Their slim fit means that they’re perfect for wearing under outdoor wear or even under a pair of jeans and a pullover. The material is 100% soft, warm merino wool, whose curled fibres stop body heat from escaping and keep you warm on cold days. On hot days, the fabric draws perspiration away from the skin to keep you cool, dry and comfortable.

Merino highlights:

It doesn’t scratch It doesn’t smell (very important for me, as I quickly break into a sweat when I’m skiing :) ) Keeps you warm when it’s cold (great insulating properties!) Keeps you cool when it’s hot It looks great!”


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