Are you ready for the Generali Munich Marathon? This year, our sports rewarding app, sMiles, has teamed up with the Munich Marathon to offer you something special. But let’s start at the beginning:

When’s the Munich Marathon? What route does the Generali Munich Marathon follow? How many people will be taking part in the Munich Marathon? And what does the sMiles-Munich Marathon collaboration mean for you?

Read on to find the answers!

The Generali München Marathon 2018

  This year’s will be the 33rd Munich Marathon, the event having been taken over by Marathon München GmbH in 2000. In 2018, insurance company Generali AG has become the running event’s first ever title sponsor.

The run takes place in the capital of Bavaria and is one of the top 5 marathon events in Germany. The beautiful route through the city attracts up to 24,000 runners every year. Click here to find out more about the Generali München Marathon 2018.

When does the Generali Munich Marathon 2018 take place?

  It’s traditional for the Munich Marathon to take place the week after the Munich Oktoberfest has come to a close. This year, the run will be happening on 14th October 2018. The registration deadline for the marathon and the other distances is 30th September 2018.   Generali-München-Marathon-Rathaus   On the days leading up to the Generali München Marathon 2018, specifically on 12th and 13th October 2018, make sure you visit the sports trade fair at the Munich Olympic Hall.You’ll find all the things that runners could ever wish for!

What route does the Generali München Marathon 2018 take?

  As mentioned earlier, the route crosses the beautiful city of Munich and passes its most famous landmarks. The Generali München Marathon is practically a faster-paced sightseeing tour, as it passes a lot of tourist attractions.

The Chinese Tower in the English Garden, the new town hall at Marienplatz square, the Siegestor arch and, of course, the finish line at the Olympic Stadium - these are just four of the most famous sights in Munich, the home of Keller Sports.   Strecke-München-Marathon-1  

What distances can you run during the marathon event?

  There will be a total of four different runs taking place on 14th October 2018. The main run is, of course, the full 42.195k marathon, but you can also opt for the half-marathon, a single stage of the marathon or a 10k run. Find the right distance for you and join us on the run through Munich!

Apart from athletic competitions, there will also be an international traditional costume run taking place on the same day. The friendship run sees runners from all over the world going head to head dressed in the traditional clothes of their original culture.

The costume run isn’t timed, it’s just a relaxed 3k jog through the Munich Olympic Park. Fun is the top priority here, which is why the finishers will be greeted by a brass band and treated to traditional Bavarian white sausage breakfasts and white beer upon reaching the finish line.   Generali-München-Marathon-Siegestor-1  

sMiles x Generali München Marathon

  We’re hosting two sMiles challenges to cover you on your way to the Generali Munich Marathon and from start line to finish line.

sMiles Challenge #1

  Our first sMiles Challenge is for every runner registered to take part in the Generali München Marathon. You could almost use it as preparation and extra motivation for Munich’s running event of the year. To complete the challenge, this is what you have to do:

Download the sMiles by Keller Sports app onto your smartphone and connect it to your favourite sports tracker - be it Strava or something else. Now you can take part in the challenge. You have up until 30th September 2018, the marathon registration deadline, to cover at least 18k in a single run. That’s all there is to it!   Generali-München-Marathon-Leopoldstraße-1-1024x576   By completing the challenge, you have the chance to win one of 100 VIP Generali München Marathon Packages being raffled among the challenge finishers. This is what you get with a VIP Package:

1. Reserved parking space at the Olympic Park on Sunday 14th October
2. Separate bag drop - no queues
3. Showers and physio at the Olympic Stadium, next to the finish line
4. An additional goodie in your starter pack

Important: this challenge is only for people already registered for the Generali München Marathon - you can only get a VIP Package if you’ve already signed up for the race.   Generali-München-Marathon-Odeonsplatz  

sMiles Challenge #2

  The second challenge is during the Munich Marathon itself. Cover at least half-marathon distance during the Generali München Marathon and win an exclusive running t-shirt by Keller Sports.

Leave your Strava or other tracking app running during your marathon or half-marathon and after 21k, the new t-shirt is yours! We’ve designed the top in collaboration with our partner Salomon Running. We’re excited to see what you think of it!



  We’ll accompany you on the way to the starting line of the most beautiful marathon in Germany. Download the sMiles app and be rewarded for the sweat you put into running all of those miles.

We hope you have a great time running the marathon, half-marathon, marathon stage or 10k!

Get running, collect points and #sMileWithUs   Generali-München-Marathon-Medaillen-2017