Last Tuesday the Keller Sports running group had the pleasure of completing a special workout. Instead of running, they had planned a fitness and athletics workout. Mountain Athletics training from THE NORTH FACE works on technique, strength, stamina and speed and is especially useful for outdoor athletes. Whether they enjoy trail running, hiking, climbing or skiing, with this training program all outdoor sportspeople are guaranteed to stay fit.

Outdoor PRO Sophie was at the workout from the start and tested the Graphic Play Hard women's functional tank top from THE NORTH FACE. Her thoughts? It is extremely comfortable as the functional material supports every one of your movements. Even when you are pushed to the limit, purposeful breathability quickly draws perspiration away from the skin. The matching Pulse Capri women's functional pants offer the perfect fit, soft material and, as they have a cool design, they add a touch of style to the whole outfit.


The Tuesday workout began with a short warm-up run with a stop to loosen muscles, tendons and ligaments. After running another kilometre the real fitness training began. With squat jumps and lunges, the whole group really broke into a sweat during this part of the workout. The program then entailed THE most loved running exercise (irony alert!): the plank. It is a great exercise for stability as it works the abdomen, triceps, shoulders, chest and legs. Two Isar Run participants did planks for what seemed like a never-ending seven minutes.


After this static exercise Mountain Athletics Coach Ulrich Barth put together some exercise stations. The group split into teams of six and rotated around the stations. Here he chased us uphill or put our coordination to the test with a coordination ladder. After trying all the stations out once, the whole group ran back to the starting point and rounded off the workout with group stretches.

We would like to thank THE NORTH FACE for the joint workout, it was great fun. To those of you who have caught the workout bug: you can find the right articles for it in our shop.