We’ve recently welcomed a new partner to our range who will help make your runs, outdoor sports and everyday life more comfortable: Stance. Socks by Stance are not only made to keep your feet warm. In the last few years they’ve become something of an artsy fashion accessory that delivers the utmost of comfort and warmth during every step. Here’s a brief introduction to our new partner, Stance: 18_SP_RUN_017 The brand Stance was founded in 2009 by San Clemente (California)-based Jeff Kearl, John Wilson, Aaron Hennings, Ryan Kingman and Taylor Shupe. Their goal was to turn a fashionable focus on a garment that many brands had previously overlooked: socks. Stance decided to concentrate on three aspects: design, technology and materials. The most noticeable characteristic of these socks is, of course, design. The bright colours and modern patterns have turned Stance socks into a fashion statement and the most eye-catching part of an outfit. With regards to technology, the brand has gathered the help of several scientists to ensure the socks perform well during sports activities and in everyday life. Stance also pays close attention to the materials, developing their own knitwear to deliver outstanding, lasting comfort. stance1 You can now find the new, chic, technologically functional Stance socks in our selection. Check them out and choose a new look for your feet. 18_SP_RUN_028