The New Zealand brand Mons Royal is now available in our shop! Mons Royal works with the aim to create clothing that is both highly functional and really stylish-looking. The wearer should feel comfortable all-round, whether hiking, cycling, skiing, carrying out daily activities or even just enjoying some leisure time. In order to achieve this aim of "feeling great all-round", Mons Royal uses 100% New Zealand merino wool in its products.

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Merino wool is special because it feels extremely soft to touch. Its complex chemical structure also means that the wool is very resistant to bad smells. Apart from that, this wool naturally draws perspiration away from the skin so you do not cool down too much when doing challenging physical activities. Last but not least, the wool's wave-like surface offers outstanding breathability, meaning that the wearer will feel warm when the temperatures drop, and cool when the temperatures rise.


These special properties of merino wool enable Mons Royal to create clothes that feel just as good out in the mountains as they do on the street; and the brand combines these properties with top modern designs so you feel great no matter where you go.

Many competitive athletes like the New Zealand Olympic team feel really at home in Mons Royal clothing. If you're still looking for highly functional clothing in which to feel good, check out our shop for outstanding, high-quality garments!


The quality of this brand is reflected in the company's policy to always use green technologies for production, as well as offering fair working conditions for its employees and keeping animal- and environmental protection in high regard. One of Mons Royal's first priorities is the wellbeing of the animals used to produce the wool in their products. This means that the wool in the autumn/winter 2016 collection is fully traceable and the animal was not subjected to mulesing.