You love powering up outdoors. You love to challenge yourself by running and working out in the open. You make nature your gym - does this sound like you? Then Merrell shoes are the perfect choice for you! Outdoor brand Merrell represents outdoor exercise in all weathers. The brand believes that nature is the best place to get and keep fit, as it offers everything you need to make your training versatile and challenging. The Barefoot collection by Merrell provides a particularly natural running feeling and great contact with the floor. What makes this barefoot feeling possible is the shoe’s minimalist damping and the lack of height difference between the heel and the forefoot. Thanks to these properties, Barefoot shoes deliver extremely good traction and superb control of your movements - they’re minimalist shoes that offer maximum protection from injuries. Merrell%5C2018 Spring Summer%5CMarketing%5CSocial Media%5CImage Assets%5CTrail Run%5CMRL_SS18_SocialAsset_Image_2835 The two Barefoot models we have in our selection are ideal for outdoor fitness routines. You can throw any kind of natural obstacle into your training session or trail run and be sure that this shoe will be able to handle it. Be it squat jumps on logs, mountain climbers on park benches, burpees on wet fields or mountain sprints up forest paths - the possibilities are endless! Both the Merrell Vapor Glove 3 and the Trail Glove 4 are the perfect partners for challenges out in nature. The two models are now available in our shop - for men and women. Find out more about each of the model’s particular features in the product descriptions we provide. What are you waiting for? It’s time to make nature your gym! Click here to see all of our Merrell models. MRL_FW17_TrailGlove4_167[1]