A lot of you will know of this problem: you’ve got a hiking rucksack that needs to fit food and clothes. Then you have another rucksack for trail running, which needs to be light and fit close to the body. For climbing you have yet another rucksack for carrying your helmet, ice pick, climbing rope, etc.


Wouldn’t it be great if we could do all of these activities with just a single rucksack? That’s exactly what our partner Lowe Alpine had in mind when designing the new Lowe Alpine Aeon. The result of this concept is an entire range of extremely versatile rucksacks. We’d like to introduce you to the Lowe rucksack range and its key features. We’ll also be explaining what the “ND” stands for - it appears in the names of some of the rucksacks - and why the Aeon is perfect for all kinds of outdoor activities.

Lowe Alpine Aeon: key features

The brand itself claims that the Aeon line may actually be the best construction in the history of Lowe Alpine. It features unique Nylon TriShield material to make the outdoor backpacks robust, hardwearing and tear proof, but that’s not all. We’re going to walk you through the three main features of these outdoor rucksacks.


Lowe Alpine Aeon Flexion Harness

The straps and belts on the Aeon rucksacks are very thin. Lowe Alpine has made them out of extremely light Micro-Stretch material. With these thin straps, it’s easier than ever to adjust the rucksack to your body. This adjustment system means that you’ll carry the load evenly on your shoulders, back and hips. When you move fast, the last thing you want are items falling out of your bag or a rucksack that swerves around on your back - Lowe Alpine’s Flexion Harness serves to prevent this too.


Lowe Alpine Aeon Air-Contour Back System

The back system of the Aeon backpack range has several benefits. One of them is that it encourages air circulation around the back to keep you cool during tough hikes, mountain bike sessions and climbing trips. Another benefit is that you can adjust the back length by adjusting the space between the hip and shoulder straps. The Air-Contour Back System has an anatomical shape that offers excellent support, even when the Aeron rucksack is packed to the brim.


Lowe Alpine Aeon Multi-Lock Tool

It’s the Multi-Lock Tool that makes an Aeon backpack such a versatile outdoor rucksack. You can fasten practically any piece of outdoor equipment onto the attachment system - from a ski-, bike- or climbing helmet to an ice pick and hiking poles. This means that with this multi-sports bag, you’re well equipped for any outdoor activity you have planned.



Lowe Alpine Aeon: the name

Like all outdoor bag lines, the Aeon range is composed of several different bags with different names, so you can tell them apart more easily. With Lowe Alpine, you just need to look out for two things in the name: the number and the ‘ND’. For example, in the Aeon ND20, the ‘20’ stands for the volume and the ‘ND’ stands for Lowe Alpine’s women’s range; many people take it as an abbreviation for ‘Narrow Dimensions’, but that’s not actually right.


ND is actually brand founder Greg Lowe’s tribute to mountain climber Nanda Devi Unsoeld, who died in 1976 while attempting to climb the Himalayan mountain she was named after: the second highest mountain in India, the Nanda Devi. Unsoeld was the daughter of famous mountaineer and Everest mountaineer Willi Unsoeld.

Lowe Alpine ND: differences in the women’s models

Back in the 70s, Greg Lowe had already designed the first outdoor rucksacks specially for women. This began an industry-wide movement towards the acknowledgement of female climbers, mountaineers and hikers, who also needed the right equipment for their outdoor activities. There are four main differences between rucksacks for men and rucksacks for women: back length, hip strap, shoulder straps and load distribution.


Women tend to have shorter backs than men. This, of course, has been taken into account when designing the Lowe Alpine back system. This means that ND outdoor bags will also fit teenagers who aren’t yet fully grown. The most important aspect designers had to take into account when creating the women’s hip strap was the different shoulder-to-hip ratio compared to men. The ND models’ shoulder straps are shorter to match the equally shorter back lengths. The straps also have a slightly different shape to those of the men’s models - this is to cater to women's breasts.


Load distribution in the women’s rucksack models is different from that of the men's. Women tend to carry weight better a little lower down the back than men. Lowe Alpine has altered the basic shape of the rucksack to accommodate this preference.


The Lowe Alpine outdoor rucksacks are extremely versatile, light, robust, comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at. With all of their details and features, we can barely wait to try out these rucksacks in the great outdoors. Are you excited too? Want to check out the Aeon rucksack range for yourself?