We’ve already introduced you to the Lowa Aerox GTX in this post but, on top of that, Keller Sports Pro Thomas has been trying out the shoe for weeks to report back to us. “Lowa is famous for its German shoe tradition, for its purely Europe-based factories and, above all, for its clever, functional and high-quality outdoor shoes. The Aerox GTX Surround is a true representative of all that.

The moment you look at the Aerox, the first thing to impress is its design. With this shoe, Lowa has managed to develop itself not only technologically (this is Lowa’s first GTX Surround hiking shoe) but also aesthetically. The Aerox looks fresh and modern and the colours are neither too bold nor too dull. The partly knitted upper is very robust and is a big highlight for me. Another great design feature is the “holes” in the midsole - later you’ll find out why they’re an essential element of the Aerox.


Just looking at the shoe makes me want to try it on straight away. The “first fit” feeling is great. Nothing feels strange or irritating. The quick-lace system is yet another new element used in Lowa hiking shoes and it worked beautifully throughout my test time without causing pressure points.


The Aerox GTX belongs to Lowa’s ATS (All Terrain Sport) category, which is made up of sporty hiking models. Another surprising fact about this shoe, then, is that it is equipped with a GTX Surround membrane for an improved temperature within the shoe and full waterproofing. The round openings in the midsole of the shoe are essential for this membrane to work properly. These have deeper perforations in the area of the sole of the foot but water does not come into the shoe.

Why is that? While you walk, these “holes” produce a kind of pump effect that draws warm, sweaty air and moisture away from the foot. Once this is gone, the skin enjoys a very comfortable temperature. In very warm temperatures, this is a huge advantage. This is what makes the GTX Surround membrane stand out. Guide1

Now it’s time to hit the trails. I’ve tried to test the Aerox in as many different conditions as possible, which isn’t hard in April weather. From dry forest paths and gravel trails along a lake to short tests in mountain creeks and steep, sodden hiking paths - I tried them all. The Lowa Aerox performed beautifully throughout! It rolled perfectly and was generally great to run in. Above all, it was the shoe’s grip that impressed me the most and convinced me that the Aerox is a great purchase. No matter what the terrain was, the Aerox pulled through with ease. I must admit that on very slippery, steep ground, this shoe was pushed to its limits but for footwear from this category that is perfectly understandable and doesn’t affect my opinion on the shoe in the slightest. Apart from that, the Aerox inspired me with confidence with regards to support, whether the ground was wet or dry.


The shoe did very well when it came to support too, confirming how I felt during the “first fit”. Throughout the test I never had any pressure points, chafing or anything else. Another positive aspect was the membrane I mention above. This proved to be completely waterproof (as is to be expected with a GTX membrane) and it provided an excellent skin temperature. At one point I was standing in water that reached almost up to my ankles but not a single drop got inside the shoe.


Conclusion: In my opinion, the this Lowa model is a brilliant shoe all round! I’m not a big fan of testing a product and only writing praise in the review but I’ve found it really difficult to find anything negative to say about the Aerox GTX. The only slight criticism is that I would have liked slightly shorter laces to tuck into the shoes. I don’t want to ponder on such a tiny detail though, as it doesn’t change my overall impression of the shoe. This all-terrain shoe is out to impress - the fit, grip and innovative GTX Surround membrane all make the Lowa Aerox a really clever shoe that will make many outdoor fans very happy.


Who would I recommend this shoe to?

From what I can see, this shoe is very versatile and can be used for many different activities. I would say that the Aerox is perfect for everything, from a gentle walk to more ambitious, faster-paced hiking trips. Those who want to explore alpine to high alpine terrains should obviously go for a stiffer, tougher shoe. People who need support around the ankle but don’t want to buy a real mountain boot will do fine with the Mid Cut version of the Aerox GTX.

All in all, this is a shoe that covers lots of different activities and looks great too. I normally wear shoe size EU 42 and the Lowa Aerox GTX fits perfectly.