At the start of the year we hosted the great fitness brand Lorna Jane in our Keller Sports Store, in Munich, and enjoyed some fitness and yoga sessions together. To mark the beginning of spring, we’ve stocked up with some beautiful new styles by the Australian brand - you can find them in our online selection. Lorna Jane stands for an active and self-aware lifestyle. The brand’s mission is to spread its philosophy on movement, nutrition and self-confidence to every woman in the world.

The label’s products are a way of accomplishing this goal and inspiring all kinds of women to lead an active lifestyle and take care of their bodies, so they glow with health and confidence. We want to join in with this philosophy too by offering the brand’s latest products in our selection. Browse through our shop and you’ll find sports bras, tops, hoodies, tights and shorts all in cheerful colours and designs.


The latest products all come in compatible colours, so you can mix and match whichever way you like and create your own unique look. Be it for fitness, yoga or running, with Lorna Jane you’re well equipped for any kind of workout. You benefit from top quality and outstanding function, whichever garments you choose. And not only that - Lorna Jane is not just a functional sports clothes specialist but also a brand that focuses on the individual needs of women. The superior fit and soft material offer comfort and great freedom of movement, not to mention a beautifully feminine style. If you feel great in a Lorna Jane outfit, you’ll stay motivated to keep moving throughout the day. The stylish designs mean that the clothes are just as suited to everyday activities as they are to sports sessions, so you can look stylish and athletic on the go. What do you think of the popular brand’s new range?"


Lorna Jane - the idea that fuelled an entire company philosophy

It was in 1989, in her hometown (Brisbane, Australia), that Lorna Jane Clarkson sewed her very first design. This was the foundation stone for the brand Lorna Jane. The initial idea behind the brand and the founder’s passion was to offer women a unique and inspiring collection. This motivation still stands today and has quickly developed into a global fashion brand for an active lifestyle.

Lorna_Jane_NEW FITNESS_CLOTHES_ THAT’LL_MAKE_ YOUR_HEART_ FLUTTER The Australian brand Lorna Jane is unlike any other in the way that it merges sports and fashion into a single concept. Its colourful designs and modern cuts are applied to tights, shorts, tops and jackets.

"Our vision extends beyond the product. We don't just sell Activewear, we sell an active way of life. Our garments encourage women to achieve their best through Active Living and ultimately reach their full potential in life." - Lorna Jane Clarkson