An easy, carefree running feeling that is also stable - Our partner Nike’s LunarEpic Flyknit impresses with its high level of comfort and outstanding fit. Thanks to the sock-like elongation, the shoe adapts perfectly to the foot, ankle and lower leg, supporting your natural running movements.

The Flyknit material is a completely seamless single unit. The lightly flexible material aligns with the foot and ankle to provide excellent comfort. Flywire technology fibres have been woven into the upper material and they are the main body of the eyelets – this means the shoe’s fit is even more adjustable to the needs of the runner. The Nike LunarEpic Flyknit was designed so the wearer feels like he or she is running on soft forest paths. This feeling is possible thanks to the new sole construction, where two foam layers have been merged into one, and laser-cut flaps cut into the midsole. The Lunarlon midsole has various pressure zones, which is why it offers targeted damping.

All of these properties and features have been confirmed during a practical test. Even when only just trying on the shoe, the sock-like construction already provides a high level of comfort. The material encloses the ankle snugly for additional support while you run. Another great aspect of this product is the included insole that can be placed inside the footwear when needed. The shoe impresses with the natural running feeling it delivers, combined with the soft damping offered when running on tarmac.

The Nike LunarEpic Flyknit is available exclusively in our new store.