Numerous products aimed at resolving the problems of women (legs, bums and tums) circulate the internet, apparently making these tighter and better. From vibrator belts, alleged slimming drinks to special creams. The relevant women's magazines are full of tips and tricks. All have one thing in common - they bring, besides a hole in your wallet and higher sales figures, nothing. In the following article, I explain how you can solve your problem areas for free! In order to have an idea of the final result, we have to first define it.  In my opinion, a body image is considered good if it is lean (low fat) and tight (some muscles) but I guess you need to define your own ideal. Now what we have to do is work to achieve it:
  • You have a lot of fat around the abdomen, hip, leg and butt region, and it is here we are trying to reduce the percentage of body fat.
  • You have, on the other hand, a flabby butt and thin legs; with targeted toning you can  tighten your skin and produce beautiful curves.
First of all - there is no solution that delivers maximum results with minimal effort! This is indeed suggested by dozens of magazines, but unfortunately this does not reflect reality. squat-weights Only muscle mass ensures that our skin has a nice, tight fit. Consequently, in order to help create muscle growth, we have to train with resistance as well as with weights.  

The 3 best exercises for your legs, bums and tums

Now that we have got ​​some myths out of the way, we can move on to the procedure for getting a perfectly streamlined and slender body. This is explained quite simply! If a reduction in body fat is important for you, then your nutrition should be well thought out too.  Try say, a moderate calorie deficit and make sure you get enough protein (2 - 2.5 g per kilogram of body weight). Without an adequate protein intake, you lose muscles and therefore also the shape and firmness, during the diet. For building muscle we supplement the diet with the appropriate training exercises - these are squats for the front thighs & buttocks, dead-lifting for butt & hamstrings and abdominal exercises for the abdominal muscles. [gallery type="square" ids="7240,7247,7254"] So, do not be misled, train with a heavy weight and a balanced, protein-rich diet and the results will surprise you – good luck!