When training with weights at the gym it is mainly the superficial muscles that are worked. Many often forget though, that it is just as important to build up the small muscles near the spine. Pilates offers you the chance to train without overly straining your joints, while also working on deeper muscles and improving your general mobility. Pilates isn't about "working out", but rather, strengthening body and mind and contributing to a healthy lifestyle long-term. The slow, targeted, controlled movements are extremely effective and are often underrated. pilates-trainer-49646461-quer nike-5-768x319

A priority in Pilates is strengthening the torso muscles so the athlete builds up a strong core, also known as the "powerhouse". By regularly integrating Pilates into your training you can also achieve many other goals. Daily strains can lead to an incorrect posture and muscle tension, which result in pain and injury. Pilates can help here too - the complex exercises work on balance and coordination, correcting your bad posture and any imbalance problems that may result from it. Unfortunately, many think Pilates is for older people, but it really is suitable for everyone. You can adjust the difficulty of the exercises to suit your fitness level by changing the tempo and intensity. Apart from that, it is a great sport to practise in a group.


Building up lean muscle can make your muscular system more functional and balance out any strains from your daily routine, sports activities or leisure time. Combined with a healthy diet, Pilates can also help you lose weight quickly because building up deep muscles speeds up your basal metabolism. Most importantly though, with Pilates we can leave our daily stress aside for a short time, feel more balanced in the long-term and make our body image and personal present more positive. Do you want to develop a lasting positive body feel? Try out Pilates and find your inner balance!

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