Everything began 85 years ago in the north Italian municipality of Ziano di Femme, where Narciso Delladio made his first leather shoes for farmers and lumberjacks. Continuous development, the most advanced technologies and highly innovative products have all made La Sportiva the successful world leader in climbing and mountaineering boots it is today. This company is still owned 100% by the Delladio family and its factories, beside the main one in Ziano di Fiemme, have spread all over Italy and beyond - now in 70 countries.


The brand’s current product selection is far superior to the shoes manufactured in the 20s. La Sportiva’s goal is to “deliver high-quality products for mountain trips at all heights”.

Apart from trekking and mountaineering boots, the company also produces climbing and mountain running shoes. This is as well as the ski touring and technical clothing selection.

In our shop, you can find several high-quality shoes in the hiking, approach and mountain running categories.


We want to quickly tell you what makes La Sportiva shoes so special:

Whether you need shoes for hiking, mountain running, climbing or going downhill, La Sportiva shoes will meet even your most demanding requirements. You benefit from durability, robustness and a high level of comfort. This brand’s hiking shoes also impress with their light weight, waterproofing and breathability, while the approach shoes are also multi-functional and are suited to all climbing levels. Mountain running shoes from La Sportiva guarantee a light weight, optimal protection and traction on every surface. We won’t hold you back any longer - click here to browse through our selection. Enjoy!