We’re very proud to have received the Swiss E-Commerce Award and the Shop Usability Award already this year - now we’re very pleased to have also won the German Brand Award in the category of “Industry Excellence in Branding E-Business”.

The only companies able to take part in the competition are those nominated for the German Brand Award 2017 by the German Brand Institute, its brand scouts or its expert committees. “Those who prevail despite top-class competition have proven that they belong among the best”, says Andrej Kupetz, Managing Director of the German Brand Award and the German Design Council. The German Brand Award is initiated by the German Design Council and its participants are judged by a top-class committee of expert brand economists and brand scientists. “We know that only very few of those retailers who operate mainly online are regarded as true premium brands. Nevertheless, we believe that it’s precisely in this field that we belong, which is why we’re very pleased to have received this award”, says Moritz Keller, CEO at Keller Sports GmbH.

The aspect that the jury praised most about the premium brand Keller Sports was its uniqueness. “Your brand is a unique asset to the German brand and company landscape. It exhibits a distinctive brand personality and uses this to differentiate itself from its competitors”, says Andrej Kupetz.