In December, and in collaboration with Nike and with Olympic athlete Christina Hering, we hosted a running event at the Keller Sports Store. Our Keller Sports Pro Sophie attended the event and, while she was there, tried out the Nike Zoom Elite for us. She has written a review telling us what she thinks of the shoe. Here is a summary of it:


The Nike Zoom Elite comes in average sizes but is relatively slim fitting and has a narrow cut. Sophie used the shoe on tarmac, gravel and grass, and also completed some flexibility exercises involving long jumps, jumping up and down and stretching her knees. Like this she was able to test all of the shoe’s properties.

She describes the Nike Zoom Elite as being comfortable and very light, and extremely flexible. During directional changes, the shoe also offers stability. The slim fit ensures this stability is also present in the forefoot area.

Apart from that, the shoe provides good ventilation.


There is rather little cushioning and the offset is low, meaning that Sophie had good contact with the ground and would recommend this shoe for more experienced runners. The Zoom Elite is best suited to tarmac or hard forest paths. Our running expert also loves the shoe’s design.

Do you think the Nike Zoom Elite might be the right shoe for you? You can find it in our selection.