You’re waiting for it all year and then, it finally arrives - your long-awaited holiday! You obviously want to take some time out to relax or discover new experiences, but one thing that mustn’t be missing from your holiday is your training. Of course, you don’t want your hard-earned progress to go down the drain, or maybe you’re just as much a fitness freak as our Keller Sports Pro Art, who considers a tough workout an essential part of his holiday. Art has written a post in his HEARTCORE Athletics blog called The Travelling Crossfit Athlete. In the post, he gives some extensive packing tips for fitness enthusiasts and mentions some of his favourite destinations where he can practice sports to his heart’s content. In our post, we’ve decided to summarise the Crossfit enthusiast’s valuable tips for you. 19429491_500479023677130_8506043873435320320_n Training location Art offers two choices here: the first is heading for a workout at the local box (that’s what Crossfit fans call the gym). Here you can meet new people and widen your horizons. If you’re in a slightly more remote area, look for somewhere like a playground, sandy beaches or a forest. In some places, you may even find outdoor fitness parks where you can enjoy a proper workout. Indispensable items For Art, the following are essential items to pack when travelling, but you can decide if you agree with him or not. • Sun protection: cap, polarised sunglasses & sun cream with a high UPF • Headphones for the right tunes • GoPro camera for the perfect holiday shots • Hybrid swimming/training shorts • Fast-drying functional towel • Interval timer • Nike MetconFlyknit training shoes • Functional socks Post-workout After the workout, you should relax. The best way to do this is either sunbathing on your towel or going for a relaxed exploring trip around the town. Apart from resting, you also need to restore some energy, as you’re bound to need it during the course of the day. Art likes to eat high-quality jerky, like that from the brand Kau Kuh - it’s also light and easy to take with you. Art also stresses how important it is to drink enough fluids - best in the form of pure water. In warm, sunny locations it’s even more important to increase your intake of fluids to stay fit and prevent circulatory problems. Some important regeneration tools that are easy to travel with are floss bands and a BLACKROLL ball. The band can be used for stability exercises, while the BLACKROLL ball aids your mobility and is a good holiday replacement for the BLACKROLL roll, which is a little larger. In his post, Art shares even more tips on how to achieve a sporty-chic holiday look that can also be worn for eating out in the evening. He also tells you three holiday destinations where you can work out to your full potential. Click here to read his post ;) Bring on the next holiday! Be it with or workouts or without, just enjoy your time off and make the most of it!