The renown Swiss E-Commerce Awards took place on 31st May at the venerable location of “Kaufleuten”, in Zürich. The award is one of the most distinguished in the sector and, during the prize-giving ceremony, a jury of 16 specialists selects online shops from various categories that stand out for their emergence, development and future direction. This year, our Swiss Keller Sports website has won first prize in the “Lifestyle & Hobby” category, making Keller Sports the best online sports article shop in Switzerland in 2017. “We’re very happy to have won this prize. Over the last few years, we’ve invested a lot of time and money into our Swiss customers - from ordering to returning, we want to offer a shopping experience that is truly customer-oriented”, says our CEO Moritz Keller. Last year, our Swiss shop was in 2nd place in the same category. Our philosophy back then was “Next year we’ll be back for 1st place”. Jakob Keller, also CEO here at Keller Sports, says: “The fact that Swiss experts have confirmed that we’re the best in our category motivates us to take our next steps in Switzerland”.


Thank you to the Swiss E-Commerce Awards for the amazing recognition and for the fantastic prize-giving ceremony in Zürich.