A few weeks ago we introduced you to some of the products we have in our shop that can keep your feet warm. Now we’re moving to the other extremities - your hands. Hands can get cold very quickly when you ski or snowboard. You only have to put your hand in the snow once for the snow to stick to your gloves and the water to seep into your cuffs. To prevent this feeling of your hands getting colder by the minute, our partner Ziener has developed the Hot glove line. These gloves are heated - they are powered by a little battery that warms your hands and offers three levels of heat. This means that depending on the temperature outside you can change the setting of the gloves and keep your hands at a comfortable temperature between 37 and 40 degrees. The battery is stored in a hidden pocket on the inside of the cuff.CF4279E705FBA7159C46AF8ADD038F75

The heating function is further supported by excellent PrimaLoft® lining that insulates your hands from the cold. This means that your hands will stay warm for a long time even on the lowest heat setting. The outer layer of these Ziener gloves is a wind- and waterproof laminate. The elasticated outer material improves comfort and makes it easier to grip things. A triglide fastening keeps the cuff of the gloves in place and, thanks to the Cordlock system, the gloves can be put on easily and fastened one-handed. These are the perfect accessory for your next day out on the slopes. We have two different models in our selection - so have fun out there!EE1AC9163BB1AEAEFCFECB6841FA9F16