It happens both on- and off-piste: light conditions can change at any time. This affects your sight, making it so that you don’t always see danger early enough to avoid it. It is specifically this problem that our partner Smith is addressing with its new ski goggles, which come with ChromaPop™ lenses. ChromaPop™ lens technology allows you to see sharper colours, and the tones themselves are brighter. Apart from that, it minimises tiredness of the eyes so you can concentrate more on skiing and having fun. This is how the technology works:smittie

There are three main colours from which the human eye derives all other colours - these are blue, green and red. The eye has difficulty in differentiating between colours that derive from the blue and green or green and red wavelengths, just to name two. It is these wavelength overlaps that the Smith ChromaPop™ filters out, enabling you to see natural colours more clearly and in a more defined way.

When it comes to Smith ski goggles though, this technology is only one of many benefits. The high-performance mirror lenses are ideal for both bright light and dim light conditions and they can be exchanged quickly and easily with the intuitive lens replacement system. This is possible thanks to the Responsive Fit frame design. As well as this, the Carbonic-X lens works together with the 5X anti-fog inner lens to prevent any impairments to your vision and offer you crystal-clear views at all times. To round it all off, the wide, elasticated, helmet-compatible strap keeps the goggles firmly on the head. Check out the goggles for yourself - you’ll find that, with Smith ski goggles, you’ll be able to keep an eye on it all without a shadow of a doubt!wtxVb7gyQ