The K-Swiss Ultrashot is a tennis shoe that lives up to the highest expectations on the tennis court. It’s not just its extremely modern design but also its great functions that make this tennis shoe so impressive. The special touch on the design of the tennis shoe is the placement of the K-Swiss stripes. On this shoe, they’re on the side, which is rare. The dynamic design highlights the functionality of K-Swiss shoes as high-performance tennis footwear.

The features of the K-Swiss Ultrashot

The streamlined structure and the use of the very best materials are what makes this tennis shoe the perfect partner for top performances. The light mesh and faux leather upper provides outstanding breathability and a low weight. The K-Swiss Ultrashot comes with an Aösta 7.0 High-Density rubber outsole and a deep herringbone tread for outstanding traction on all surfaces. The shoe is also very hardwearing, so you can enjoy this tennis shoe for a long time. The Ortholite insole keeps your feet dry and delivers good temperature management by drawing warm air out of the shoe. The GuideGlide™ midsole construction offers superb stability and the comfort you need for the tennis court.


The K-Swiss Ultrashot impresses with a unparalleled performance. Thanks to its excellent features, this tennis shoe is not just suited to the tennis court. The K-Swiss Ultrashot is also perfect for training and non-tennis workouts. The shoe’s superb traction and stability enable dynamic movements and fast directional changes. Another feature that makes the K-Swiss Ultrashot so special is its low weight, which further supports fast, responsive movements on the tennis court and top performances.

Looking for a light, comfortable, dynamic and modern shoe that will help you take your performance to the next level? Then you can count on the K-Swiss Ultrashot tennis shoe. We now have the shoe in our selection - the orange-tone men’s model, perfect for your next match!

About K-Swiss

The brand K-Swiss was founded in California in 1966 by two Swiss brothers. It started off as a sports shoe manufacturer, focusing mainly on tennis. Led by their passion for skiing and tennis, the brothers began to successfully launch their first products. Leather ski shoe inspired the company to develop the perfect shoe for the dynamic movements required on the tennis court. This was the birth of the K-Swiss Classic: a statement both on the tennis court and off it. Even today, the innovative brand continues to work on its mission to make its mark on the world. With super modern and highly functional products, K-Swiss aims to inspire the younger generations around the globe. The label has certainly earned its reputation as a pioneer in the combination of style and performance.

The men’s K-Swiss Ultrashot helps you deliver an optimum performance on the tennis court and will also prove to be the perfect companion during the training sessions that lead up to that final moment of victory. In our selection, you’ll find several other tennis shoe models by this innovative and modern brand. One of our latest arrivals is the K-Swiss Tennis Hypercourt Express - an ultra high-performance tennis shoe that impresses with top-notch technologies and a sublime style. This model is available for both men and women in our selection. With shoes by K-Swiss, nothing stands in the way of a successful 2018 tennis season!

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