Outdoor clothing brand Patagonia fully supports sustainable manufacturing and likes to take responsibility for the lifecycle of its products. Protecting the environment is one of the brand’s main focuses. With its new campaign, Save the Blue Heart of Europe, Patagonia is calling out to all of those who want to do the world some good. With just one signature, you can achieve more than you imagine.

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So, what’s it all about? The last free-flowing rivers in Europe are in the Balkans, the Blue Heart of Europe. There are plans to build 3,000 hydroelectric power plants in this precise area. These plants could have catastrophic consequences for the local environment - it’ll affect people, animals and plants who are all currently living in as-of-yet untouched nature. Hydroelectric plants have a good reputation, but this is unfounded, as they often cause a lot of damage. Click here to find out why.

With your help, Patagonia hopes to convince banks to support the cause and prevent the destruction of Europe’s last wild rivers in the name of making money. Get involved by signing the petition here.

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