In mid-November, Lisa and some other members of the Isar Run by Keller Sports group will be taking part in the Verona marathon. Participants are able to choose which distance they run: 10 k, 20 k or 42 k. Lisa has opted for the farthest. In preparation for her running highlight of the year, Lisa has kindly tested one of the Breaking2 shoes for us - the Nike Pegasus 34. Apart from that, she’s started training in the same place she’ll be crossing the finish line on 19th September: Verona.


The first thing she noticed about the Nike Pegasus was its adaptive fit. From the moment you put it on, “the shoe fits perfectly and feels comfortable, light and breathable, even in the high temperatures we’re experiencing in Italy at the moment”. The breathable upper has proven its worth over several kilometres of training by keeping her feet comfortable and dry. Another aspect she liked about the Nike Pegasus was its high reactivity. During every step, the carbon-nylon plate in the midsole absorbs energy to then propel you forward and help you achieve new personal bests. The extremely light Flywire reinforcements in the upper also make the Pegasus stable, something that Lisa really liked: “The Nike shoes will definitely help me while I train for the marathon. They’ll help me prevent injuries and also improve my speed. They’re the perfect shoes for me!”


Well, it seems there’s nothing stopping her from breaking a new record at the Verona marathon in September, though her main goals are to “Have fun with friends during the September marathon, avoid injuries, spend a great weekend in Verona and show the other Isar Runners around my hometown.” Have fun, Lisa!