Isabell Groß is from Munich and for her the most important thing about a sports product is how it looks. Her motivational phrase, "I can cry when I reach the finish line", supports her ambitious character. Be it half-marathons, full marathons or even super marathons, there is not competition too tough for her. Through practising sports she has learnt that giving up is not an option because there is always a way forward. In her blog, Run Munich Run, she reports her running experiences together with running PRO Laura.


Laura Trinkl has competed against Isabell in various running competitions. Her coolest sports experience to date has been reaching the finish line during her first marathon in 2014, at the Munich Olympic stadium. This was a very special run through her home town because her family and friends supported her throughout the race. Her motivation while she exercises is the thought that you have to finish what you start because you will feel 100% better by the end of it. True to the motto "Keep your tail up!", she works hard towards achieving her goals. In her opinion comfort, functionality and style are the most important aspects when it comes to sports articles.


Tobias Trenkle used to be a professional cross-country skier and during that experience he learnt how important it is to fight until the end: "It’s not over until it’s over!". He is a very versatile athlete; be it running, fitness, cross-country, golf, cycling or skiing, Tobias approaches each sport with enthusiasm and perseverance. Tobias believes the best sports products are those that boast high quality and a good design.