In the Alps, up steep slopes or crossing the Namibian desert - you are guaranteed to find the outdoor PRO Julian Lill outdoors every weekend. During mountaineering or climbing trips he leaves his daily routine behind and concentrates on the task at hand. As motivation, he tells himself "Even when the only way is a steep way up, it will soon level out". When looking for sports products the most important criterion for him is absolute reliability. Multi-functionality and a light weight are just as important.


As a winter sports PRO, Christina Sauter loves rushing up and down snowy slopes. Until 2013 she was an active member of the German Ski Association's D/C team and even now she still goes skiing every other weekend during the winter. Her motto is: "Don’t wait for the perfect moment. Just take it and make it perfect." She believes that the most important properties of a sports product should be functionality, combined with a cool design. By practising sports she has learnt that it is essential to not be a sore loser and to always get back on the horse.


Christina is supported by winter sports PRO Lucas Krahnert. Until April 2015 he was an active member of the German Ski Association's C team and he also now visits ski resorts once a fortnight.