The longer the workout or competition, the bigger the difference made by small details, especially when it comes to the perfect outfit. The Intense collection by Haglöfs was designed to be extremely efficient and is therefore ideal for mountain hikes or trail runs. During activities that demand a high level of stamina your equipment has many requirements to meet: it should be made from lightweight, fast-drying and breathable material, it should sit comfortable and it should follow you body’s movements. With the products from the Intense collection athletes are very well equipped. Haglofs Intense One garment of the collection is the Haglöfs GRAM COMP JACKET, considered by many outdoor enthusiasts as the perfect jacket, as it has been reduced to the bare essentials. Made from a triple-layer Gore-Tex Active shell, it offers you the ideal combination of waterproofing and permeability. The jacket has a very low volume and barely occupies any space in your rucksack. True to the saying “the best products are those you hardly notice you’re using”, the GRAM COMP JACKET weighs in at just 295 grams (255 grams in the women’s model) and it is easy to forget you are wearing it.