Evalu is a start-up company from Munich that educates runners and helps them train in a healthier and more effective way. All runners have asked themselves: “What training is best for me?” and “How can I get to the next level as quickly as possible?”. Especially when it comes to performance goals, the wrong training can lead to problems instead of new personal bests.


The smart app walks the runner through every step of the process and educates him/her along the way, so the runner learns what a personal training plan should be like in order to achieve goals quickly and healthily. The app uses the capabilities and needs of the runner to personalise the training. This is possible for the very first time thanks to the sensors used by evalu.run to evaluate every single step in real time. From the data gathered by the pressure sensor, the software finds the information it needs to deduce the runner’s performance level, technical abilities, training success and behavioural changes due to tiredness. The coach then processes all the data for the runner and provides personalised tips during and between runs.


The textile sensors vanish inside the shoe and measure with scientific accuracy the pressures under the foot that are exerted on the runner. Like this, the coach receives live data about the running technique of the athlete during every step. Thanks to the precise, real-time information, it is possible for the very first time to coach every runner individually.

The personal running coach is being launched at the beginning of April, but can already be pre-ordered. Apart from a pair of sensors of the right shoe size, you also get the smart training app. Not only do you then have aerospace technology in your shoe, but your next running goal is already in the bag.