You take the time to integrate regular training into your everyday routine. You’d like to become fitter, challenge your body and lose a couple of pounds - or maybe get ready for the food season that is Christmas. Maybe you just want to supplement your running training because it’s easy to lose motivation in winter when it turns cold and the sun sets early. Sound familiar? It can be hard sometimes to exercise after work, school or uni, and we’re often under the impression that we don’t have enough time during our daily schedule to incorporate some exercise. It takes time to travel to and from the gym. Long daily runs are also very time-consuming. So, why not do a highly effective workout at home? Recently, our partner adidas has started sharing regular workouts for you to follow and integrate into your day-to-day life. The workouts are led by trainers Ida May and Zanna van Dijk. They’re varied and cater for all experience levels. From high-intensity training and cardio blasts to yoga and flexibility training - it’s all there. You can do every workout in the comfort of your home without having to buy any extra equipment. If you’re already quite experienced, you can add dumbbells, training balls or other props to your workouts to up the challenge. adidas_IG-IdaMay Now we’d like to share a few tips that might make it easier for you to integrate a home workout into your daily schedule. Good music sets the mood If you’re tired after work and your thoughts are on anything but exercise, put on some good music. It’ll motivate you and put you in the right mood for a workout. - Don’t overthink it, just go for it. If you’ve had a long day and sit down on the sofa, it’ll be hard to get back up again. To avoid losing all motivation, change straight into your sports clothes as soon as you get home and start your training. - Do something you enjoy. Home workouts can be incredibly varied. With the adidas Women Workouts, for example, you can find out what you like the most. Do you prefer interval training, fast-paced repeating sets or drawn-out movements, maybe taking it slow or adding some weights? Finding out what you enjoy during a workout will probably make it easier to integrate training more regularly into your schedule. - Take your time and be proud of your achievements. Nobody makes progress overnight. It’ll take a couple of weeks, but eventually, your body will most definitely reward you for your perseverance. Your performance will improve and you’ll notice your motivation increasing. Progress is something to be proud of! - Don’t go overboard - listen to your body. You’re bound to get sore muscles after some of your workouts. If your body tells you that you need a break, listen. To begin with, it’s enough to work out two or three times a week. You can increase this number gradually. Once you start to have fun with workouts, it’s possible you become overly motivated, especially when you notice your first signs of progress. If you’re finding it increasingly easy to find the motivation to train, that’s great, but progress is actually made during the recovery phase. So, enjoy a good break and make sure your training is varied enough to work on different parts of the body. - Click here to check out the effective adidas home workouts. Enjoy your training!